Josh Williamson

Associate broker/Owner

Williamson Realty Group brokered by exp

About Josh Williamson

Josh took his first step into the world of real estate in 2006. After starting his career, the housing market went through an extreme downturn in 07' & 08' which had a profound impact on Josh. It was through that downturn that he was able to hone in on what separates him from his competition -- his passion for helping people. That passion allowed Josh to succeed while others left the industry or struggled to make ends meet. Josh's desire to help others combined with his hands-on approach led to the creation of the Williams Realty Group in 2014. After experiencing many professional successes, Josh and his wife, Nikki, decided it was time to grow their family. In 2012, they were blessed with the birth of their first child, baby girl Abree. Two years later, God continued to bless them with the birth of their second child, Aiden. Once they created the family they always dreamed of, Josh began to realize that Nikki has the same passion for helping others that he does. He also realized that the art of customer service came naturally to Nikki. After those realizations, Nikki and Josh had an epiphany -- she should join the Williamson Realty Group. After Nikki came aboard, the Williamson Realty Group was able to help more people while continuing to grow the business even further. In 2017, Josh took his company to the next logical step, which is creating his own brokerage. After that, Josh gained the ability to drive his own business and grow it the way he wanted to, and, because of that, they experienced tremendous expansion. Now, the Williamson Realty Group reaches areas they never thought were possible. Josh and Nikki attribute their personal and professional successes to God and pride themselves on providing T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) to their clients. They strive to provide a guiding voice to people so they can help them make a good choice on what could be the most significant decision of their lives. In 2018 Josh and Nikkis desire to Increase their agents and Clients experience by providing the highest level of systems and services available with the shifting market. Josh and Nikki decided it was time to look for leverage that can Increase agent productivity and client experience. Leading them to Merge their already successful Brokerage with EXP Realty. Now you may see their signs as The Williamson Realty Group brokered by EXP. Same people higher level of service. They are So excited to help you with your real estate needs and share with you how their new systems and tools can help you get from where you are to where you wanna be.